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noobie k20a2


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hey guys whats up im new to this forum , but im not new to honda delsols, ive owned 3 since i was 16 & you alway remeber your first . heres a few pics of my first delsol , i'll post pics of my current delsol some time this week or as soon as i can find my cable to my digital camera




skunk 2 valve

skunk 2 value springs

ctr cams

skunk2 cam gears

skunk 2 titanium retainers

skunk 2 manifold

dc header

je 12.5.1 compression pistons

eagle rods

this was just a good allmotor gsr ......... hope you guys injoy

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thanks for all your comments, yes those are rotas , i have a some moroe pics , also if you look in the first pic across that street is my other green delsol with the gsr phat five wheels





my jdm gauges , interior & my wheels & brake setup

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that is my old delsol from a year or so ago , i will be washing clay baring & buffing my current delsol today & probaly have you guys so pics tonight, i have a lot moroe pic of my old delsol & will post some more of those tonight to...

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Sweet new sol owner. I was getting Slips in silver, but I found that I want to get some Volks.


i love slipstreams but there very light , so you get those things spinning & they just keep spinning, but those wheels will make your car handle so good , but volks are just bada@#

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