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Gear Box~~~


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hi everyone


I have found problem with the gear box. so i am going to get another one.


I have got the following options at the moment:

1) D15B manual gear box from 92 eg civic.

2) manual gear box from a non-Vtec 1500 SOHC D15B

3) S20 box, from a 92 EG5 1600 dohc

4) manual gear box from a B18c VTECH Manual Integra


which one would fit? will one will do the best? pls help~~


and if my gear box was not a LSD one and i am getting a LSD gear box, do i have to change any other thing eg the ECU ?


my car is B16a2 DOHC VTEC.



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i figured that b/c people with gsr's and ls-vtec set-ups in town always talk about how the next "mod" they want is a B16 tranny...just figured it's b/c the gears are shorter...i duno


edit: why does it seem like nobody goes on these forums anymore?


the last couple mornings it's been me and you...hmmmmmmmmm

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