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Tips on a eg coupe


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95 civic coupe



-5spd 140k Miles (Running Strong) But too high for turbo


Tein S-pec springs 1.8 Drop


Rota Circuit 8 15"


Aem Long Cold Air Intake V2 Model


Apexi Ws2 Full Catback System


2piece Jdm black housing on HiD


Stock taillight


Shaved Emblems on repainted glossy black


This is what I have done to my car so far but what else should I do to make this improve on the performance side and just any kind of tips would help out

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that sounds really nice right there...good choice of parts, but if you want to get some speed, do an engine swap then boost that, even if you bought a d16z6 with 100,000 less miles, at least you could keep the parts you have now...

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Considering you live in Cali (a good place for tuning shops), I but you could get your whole engine rebuilt (head job with parts upgrade and full bottom end) for less than $4000. Sounds like a lot, but it'll bolt right back in, and will be bulletproof!! Plus any swap would be great, but you always need more than expected when it comes to parts, have to make it fit, and you're not sure how the miles on the used engine were put on. (normal or beaten)

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