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web site problems???

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dont worry, i emailed both admins and took a few snapshots



this pic is when i wanted to reply a quote, and when i preview it, it adds the before reply quote.... bug



this one is when i posted in a thread add reply.



im sure you guys see this too.. if you look on top of the honda forum top page, i see it too


when re reply to the thread, anything may happen, like another quote in a different thread may appear and such, DeadlyDrew or Trepid can probaly update Invision Power Board to fix this problem.. im not to sure







EDIT: see it did it again!!


when i wanted to reply to this thread it added this.. see next pic for more details...



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TL and I are aware of the bug. However, since it obviously hasn't fixed itself yet, it looks like Drew needs to pull up one of the files and solve the problem that way (or Trepid maybe?). So until then, we have to deal with it. Just keep in mind that your posts and threads ARE being posted, so only hit the button ONCE.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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