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  1. drop weight and itll drop your time. You could also put different gears in the transmission.
  2. wheeling the east coast ouch new gears i installed
  3. not my daily drivers by any means, built the cherokee two years ago, gave it to my brother, now i built the Tj (wrangler) and its trail ready. Its only a 4cyl though, So either im going to put/ build a supercharger for it or swap in a chevy 350 small block.. Next build is a 2003 jeep wrangler with a Navistar 3.4L short block (365hp) Out of a caddy. Going to be a competition buggy. Should be done by fall. Then after that Going back to a Honda, Going to find a del-sol and either go for a K20 or a h22 prelude motor on 14-18lbs of boost. Either or, moneys tight im building a new shop in the spring.. Then maby go back and change a few things on the z3 to make it pass emissions so i can get it inspected to drive on the road(gotta love NY) , it hasnt even been started in 5-6 months. few more vids
  4. http://www.hondaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=13646
  5. its not my engine, i bet you could run 14psi for a while completely stock with good tuning
  6. an hour is what most would charge assuming theyre not elec mirrors, so about 45-65 depending on the shop
  7. 600$ without even looking at it if it has a clean title
  8. i would use the z3 to drift but 345 per rear tire adds up pretty fast, toying with the idea of buying/ building an s2000 in the spring, just having a hard time finding a decent low millage one in upstate by.. anyways sound like you made a decent trade.
  9. x2, you have 3 options, swap the engine, build it n/a(no boost), or build it for boost. Pick one and go from there.
  10. chance the cap/ rotor, they aren't very expensive and could lead to the same problems your having, also you coil could have a bad ground.
  11. oh boy, thanks,, i totally forgot about it.. been to busy workin lately..
  12. I could but its a 40k car with less then 20k miles on it. Plus the insurance is covering it.. on a better note i went wheeling and winched out a friend I didnt hook up the winch line either.. and after that everyone was in the mud
  13. damage- hood, headlight and small crack in front bumper.. Just a few grand.. like 4800 or something... stupid deer.. time for new front tires too.. 290 a piece for the z rated...
  14. Noticed ya had a jeep, how do you like your zj? This is the xj I started building last year and its pretty much done now-
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