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More Spy Pics for the 2003 Accord!


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fawk that car for the money get the srt-4 2.4 Lt turbo 13s out the box and add simple mods and it will do 12s in the 1/4 thats my brothers car but i still love my accord

way to bring back a 2 year old dead thread. nobody was talking about the SRT-4.......the accord isn't a quarter mile car.......

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theres a big difference between a srt-4 and a accord. plus, you could just get a 02 wrx for cheaper, add a cobb tuning accessport and be running faster 0-60's and a little bit faster 1/4's...add simple bolt-on's and you'll be beating srt-4 by an even bigger margin.


can you say bigger turbo? how about more boost?

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