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2009 Accord stumbles

Michael Paris

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Hello , I recently purchased a 2009 Aoord with 116K miles. The car stumbles on occasion when accelerating through 15 to 20 mph . After that it runs smoothly .  I have not noticed that the rpms drop when the "stumbling" occurs . I checked the DTC codes this morning and no codes registered .  I have recently put seafoam in the gas tank , probably one or two tanks ago and Seafoam through the throttle body , thinking that maybe the throttle body flap was sticking. I did not see any difference in the "stumbling"

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"Stumbles", is probably the transmission shifting then? <  it's good to know how the car works mechanically and be able to feel it do it's job, the engine, the transmission, the tires, brakes, suspension, feel how each is responding and be able to diagnose the actual vehicle as a whole, when the engine codes are not giving clues 😉

I do not know the actual problem  you are encountering; this is when you take to a mechanic and get his opinion; a transmission shop ( Independent and long reputation in your home area) can help you most.

I recently fixed my 2004 Accord with 151K miles, because it was throwing a check engine light (Transmission solenoid not sending) and was shifting real poorly with jerking into each gear; it was scary. 

I thought I would need a new transmission; but the wires to the Transmission Solenoids had been eaten by rodents, as it sat outside at my mothers home near the forest trees, and they made a home in the warm tent afforded them. When I opened the front hood, I could see they were nesting on top of the engine... I took it to the self-serve and washed the engine, but it was still a problem with shifting.

I paid $200 today to have wires fixed, so beware, if you live in rural forest areas, there are many ways to keep your wires from being eaten by rodents, including perfumes in soap bars, cut in small cubes, Bounce dryer sheets, pepper sauce on wire harnesses, all left around the engine compartment, and battery operated motion alarms for rodents, give lights and alarm sounds, scares them away very actively; guard your wiring harness! (motion alarm is currently $25 on Amazon).




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