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  1. Since it's better in park, I assume you have some transmission issue; otherwise it could be tuning, including plugs, ignition, fuel filter clogged; air filter clogged. Anything that keeps the vehicle from idle smoothly can create this - missing. But if it gets worse in gear, I assume we are looking at the tranny... meanwhile it is not easy to service a tranny without replacement; so consider replacing it with a used one. You don't mention miles; transmission type.
  2. Scan the car's computer; it should tell you what is wrong. These days an app on your iphone or android and a plug-in scanner with wifi, will show you how your car is feeling. Or you can have the mech do it... Sounds like your starter is working, your battery is working, then take it from there. Ignition, fuel filter, fuel pump, at least it starts right? ;-) Probably a nice auto parts store person will scan your car for free if you want to try that. If your car eventually starts, it shows you the ignition is working mostly.. So then I'm thinking fuel pump and fuel filter are most obvious p
  3. Looks impressive if you have a competitive installer nearby; I was looking at Modesto to get a rough estimate; $1700 if you have a Honda Accord and want to upgrade to leather, looks good to me if you are tired of cloth seats. I have 2004 EX Leather model; leather is still perfect from factory, so consider selling your vehicle to buy different model same era with MUCH better options???
  4. Electric bro... just consider the planet and the speed. Electric.
  5. Probably a great vehicle, well worth fixing if in good repair otherwise. In the S. Cal area, swapping engines is a very competitive businesses, PHX, TX too, so shop around. I would recommend you ask your mech for EXACT engine number, and find same from used parts dealers online. Only problem is it will be difficult to verify milage of a used engine, but companies parting out a wrecked vehicles will make a claim. 70K miles, etc. You should be able to verify the engine will fit, with the parts dealer who has much experience in this dept; you can call around until you are sure what to buy ;-
  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honda_Accord 5th Generation EX Accord is best description, 1995. It is very inexpensive to attempt any number of search engine queries for typical 5th Gen honda electrical relay problems, very likely a faulty relay, but they exist both inside engine compartment, and under dashboard; inexpensive to replace, just start replacing everything to see if it helps 😉 Search for typical 5th gen electrical problems, typical relay problems, typical electrical problems. Most parts retailers will allow you to return parts you don't need, if you exchange
  7. Use Youtube ma man: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=honda+accord+1997+door+lock+problems dozens of videos on your car type: it's either actuators, or switches, or a combo of BOTH, have fun because it's easiest to debug EARLY, not later after 3 things break bro man.
  8. Air filter maybe.. 1st, have the car checked for computer codes, even if the trouble light is not lit up. Sounds like it's starving for fuel or has a bad sensor or clog someplace in the system, and not all problems will set of the check engine light. Post back if you find any codes and we can go from there. One post I read said this "Crank Angle Sensor replacement needed, most likely" but that's just a guess.. in general you are looking at vacuum leaks, air sensors, clogged fuel injector, long list of combustion and ignition timing problems that can cause misfiring. Here is a good
  9. For me, it was the block shaped Relay in the fuse box of the eng compartment, fixed my AC. Was glad it was not the compressor. $10 relay
  10. I would just start replacing parts first probably, like replace the driver door switch, and check all the connections; it's easy to do, fast job if you watch a video. Sounds a lot like a bad switch except you may have proven it's not a switch already? I think your explailnation of the probably only makes things more mysteriuos; so just start working on it, and try to see if you find the problem. Obviously the driver door switch gets used a lot, so one idea is to replace it with the passenger switch but might as well just get a new switch, and try to see if that fixes it? Use some el
  11. Interesting conversation; I would say you already have one of the best engines of all time (VTEC), and you might want to consider electric pretty soon. If I were you I would not touch it, the beauty of the car is it never breaks and takes little maint, so just drive it like it's never going to die and rev it as hard as it will go. The transmission might not like a lot more power, and also you can probably tune it to be a little more powerful, like tweek the computer, change the plugs, go with new type of oil, stuff like that? I have one, I feel like it's a member of the fam, had
  12. "Stumbles", is probably the transmission shifting then? < it's good to know how the car works mechanically and be able to feel it do it's job, the engine, the transmission, the tires, brakes, suspension, feel how each is responding and be able to diagnose the actual vehicle as a whole, when the engine codes are not giving clues 😉 I do not know the actual problem you are encountering; this is when you take to a mechanic and get his opinion; a transmission shop ( Independent and long reputation in your home area) can help you most. I recently fixed my 2004 Accord with 151K miles,
  13. Just thought I'd mention that my girlfriend dropped our kayak on the ground, just as we were lifting it off my car (it was wet from hosing it off) and it broke my mirror off the passenger side of the car. It looked pretty bad, she felt really bad and I thought it was going to cost me hundreds to repair it at the dealer, etc. Then I told her don't worry about it, I'll look it up on line and see how to do it myself.. Well, reading about, I found that these mirrors are made to break off the car really easy and it doesn't take much (mental note, fold in mirror before moving boat, dry
  14. Too much oil probably wouldn't do this; too much oil usually can cause oil seal leaks, very annoying problem but the car keeps running, until it runs out of oil and the engine seizes of course.. But it does sound like fuel or ignition, since the car sits and then starts. More probably fuel since ignition problems tend to not be so intermittent with electronic ignitions. But could be ignition oriented if the car is reacting to a sensor that tells the ignition to turn off for a while. I usually do a replace on obvious parts since at 160 it might need tune up, etc. Fuel filter is obvious
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