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I'm still trying to figure out why I'm still losing oil. I can't figure it out.


Here's what I know: The engine bay is clean as a whistle. The oil pan is not leaking. The compression on all the cylinders are between 130-140 PSI. The PCV valve has been replaced and the hoses checked for cracks and wear. The tailpipe is not sooty anymore (or not so much, it was dripping with soot before I replaced the PCV valve). I am not seeing any excess exhaust (or blue smoke) come out if I get on it in any gear.


Here's the real kicker: I did an oil change just shy of 3000 miles ago (it's a couple hundred miles away from its next oil change). Over the first 2000 miles or so, I only lost maybe half a quart of oil (that was early last week or late the week before). Over the past week and a half I have racked up at least 600 miles, so it has been driven more. But I've also lost 2 quarts of oil!!! The dipstick was dry when I checked it today!


Here's what I notice immediately: The oil is as black as Satan's heart. It is thinner and less "oily" and more "watery" feeling. I do not smell any gasoline in the oil either. On a normal oil change, the used oil is actually a dark caramel color when seen on my fingers. On this car, the oil is black. I mean BLACK. And this has been regular oil changes too!. I've noticed that the oil becomes black even after 500 miles of brand new oil!


I have a feeling the oil tells the tale of what is wrong with this car, I just don't know what it means... Somebody has to have run across this before. I appreciate all the help I can get here guys!!

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How do your spark plugs look?


My bet is that one (or more) of your valve seals is probably worn and is allowing oil into the chamber after it has warmed up (aluminum expands 2.5X as much as steel) You may also be loosing it from the rear main, pull your inspection cover and look up in your bell housing to see if you have any residue.


How many miles are on the motor?


And my best suggestion is send the oil out for analysis.

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im going to have to go with cory on this one..


if everything you have checked is okay that only leaves piston rings and valve seals.. and you said its not spitting out oil from the exhaust noticeably.. milage will actually determine if its your seals.. i was told you SHOULD change out valve seals every 100k miles to be safe..

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Thanks for the replies guys!! I cited excess exhaust in another thread a while back and I remember thinking it to be either the piston rings or the valve stem seals. I can't confidently say if the seals have ever been replaced. I'd say no they haven't.


I replaced the spark plugs less than 6000 miles ago and the ones I pulled looked great!!! I was shocked at how good they looked!


The car just turned over 160k.


I will look at the rear main seal. I cannot say for sure this is the problem though. I think my main concern is more of the black oil.


Are the valve stem seals a pain in the neck to replace?? If I do those then I will probably also replace the timing belt too just for good measure (and if it's not to much more laborious).

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question.. is it puffing smoke when youre on the throttle or after you hit the throttle when youve been off it for a second..


I haven't noticed as much smoke but it's during the time that my foot is into it.

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