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AC belt routing?!


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Hey guys. Long story short: Idler pulley seized up and snapped the belt. I replaced the pulley and I can't figure out how to get the new belt on!! It is a 94 Del Sol S 1.5 with NO power steering. I'm trying to get this belt on and there's this bar between the A/C pulley and the crankshaft pulley. I tried routing it up and over the bar but then the belt is too short. How do I get it under the bar?


Please help!!!

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Okay. So that bar is a metal engine mount? I see it's bolted in either one of two places. 1) Unbolt it at the engine block (2 bolts I think) or 2) There appears to be an access panel at the wheel well and I think I saw a bolt somewhere around there. What is the easiest way to unbolt it?


Thank you for the reply!!

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unbolt the 2 bolts holding the mount to the chassis (mind you jack the engine up while you do this)

then slowly lower the jack enough to get the belt around it, route belt, tension it, lift motor back up, put the 2 bolts back in.


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Well it's done now! Thanks guys! My bolts weren't rusted. In fact the bolt threads looked brand new. Only the head of the bolts looked aged. I probably spent more time getting the plastic panel back on correctly (tucking it underneath the bumper panel) than I did getting the belt routed and tightened.


I ran the engine and made sure the belt wouldn't slip by turning on the air conditioner and revving it. However I noticed something very peculiar about the A/C. The compressor clutch engages when you do not have the your foot on the gas. As soon as I give the engine some throttle the compressor disengages (as if it's free-wheeling) and as it winds down and approaches idle... it re-engages. All the while when this is happening... there's a "hiss" sound (almost sounds like a blow-off valve for turbo). I just got this Del Sol in November so I haven't had to use the A/C yet. But I know it blows cold air. I just never noticed the hissing sound... Next question is "Is this normal?"??

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