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New brakes


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Upgraded my brakes to the del sol Vtec ones. Paid $80 for full spindle, caliper, rotors, and pads... all in great condition, but i still took them apart and cleaned and re greased them.


Looks a little bigger lol, stopping is better but its hard to say cause i still need to replace my bad Master Cylinder(upgrading to the 7/8 inch one) and i found out i have a seized rear caliper.


here's the sad part... the vtec model that i bought my brakes off of was completely fine. this idiot up in Columbus bought it to sell it as parts :(


i mean he's making more money than he paid for it... its just sad to see a perfectly good vtec model go away



I plan later this summer to do the full upgrade to the 11in rotors and calipers, and then get the integra 1in Master Cylinder and matching Booster, possible braided lines... but not sure on that yet, i probably will need new lines as my stock ones are at their limit right now cause of the slightly bigger brakes.(guy cut the vtec lines)

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