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B16 loss of power


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Haven't posted in awhile but can't figure out what's wrong with my Sol. All of the sudden it had a loss of power, and is getting worse. It bogs down in every gear and just doesn't get up to speed as quickly as it used to. It has a new air filter, plugs, wires, distributor, O2 sensor and PCV valve. I also have a crack in the top of my radiator and am losing coolant quickly. My guess is that I have a bad head gasket and it has ran pressure back and cracked the upper tank on the original radiator?


Any help would be appreciated, and if there is something I have left out just ask. Thanks

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are you showing other signs of a headgasket?


radiators get old and crack




but loss of power is the problem.. have you checked the oil.. any oil in coolant.. any white smoke


well i didn't have any coolant in oil or vice versa that i could see. doing a compression test this weekend. other than bogging down and hardly getting up to speed, and of course loss of coolant from radiator that's really my only symptoms. the radiator could be a seperate problem in and of itself. i plastic welded the top tank to see if that will fix it, i'll check it tomorrow morning to see if there are any different results.

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