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Another strange problem


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Hey guys! I've got another strange problem going on with my Del Sol. I can fill up the coolant overflow reservoir (doesn't have any cracks or anything that I'm seeing) and every few days the bottle will be empty. Coolant is leaking out from somewhere near the top. I just can't pinpoint where. There is coolant on top of the radiator. There is coolant drops on the cap of the overflow bottle. There is evidence of coolant even on the valve cover. Whatever it is it's causing the coolant to spew... but no visible smoke is coming from the engine while driving. I can stop the car and look under the hood and the problem will not reveal itself. Just evidence that I've lost coolant...


What kind of problem might I be looking at? The radiator cap might not be holding pressure? The hose that connects the overflow bottle to the radiator isn't cracked or leaking and the overflow cap is nice and tight.


I'm not running hot at all it's just i'm losing my reserve coolant.


Any opinions are greatly appreciated!

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my idea was cooler



never put a 18 pound cap on a stock radiator though



my boyfriend and brother in law thought they'd be nice and get a new cap for mine since it was leaking while at the store.. guy we know at the store thought an 18 would be nice... it exploded the radiator

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