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Alright, I'm in need of a daily driver the b series is killing me. I looked through my motors and parts and had an idea to build my d15z1 bottom end with a d16y5 head and I was wondering what timing belt I will need if anyone has ever done this. The y5 cam gear has been swapped to a z6 cam gear. I have a few new z6 timing belts. Will it work or will I have to change something else out? I would try it and check, but everything is dissasembled and I have to buy a water pump. Thanks in advance.

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In that case you are beyond my mechanical capacity. I could put put back together a stock arrangement but haven't a clue where to begin with a hybrid setup.


For the effort involved maybe you should buy someones pulled d15b7. I am sure you could nab a full dropout for $100 or so in running condition. Mine gets 35-40mpg with I/H/E and I flog it all day long.

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i have a d16y8 head i would sell you and i have the tranny too if you want that? plus whats killing you with having a b



The hour and 30 minute drive to work and an hour and a half back. Too much on the motor too. I'll probably be looking for an si tranny.

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got you well i would sell my tranny for like 100 its a si tranny i guess. hell if i know. what b motor you got



Rockin the ls for now. upgrading to the k series here in a few weeks to get a taste on it.

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