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u guys getting a house up north or moving to nor cakalackey (NC)? Yeah doing the sol ones is a PITA, it involves VERY short screws, and VERY big washers haha.

Doesnt look bad tho, but i wouldnt have gone with any kind of cloth, let alone cotton, gets dirty too easy, stretches, and when it gets hot the adhesive you used is going to show up through the fabric. Thats the reason I went with syn leather when I did mine. Sadly however the supper 33 3m adhesive i used SUCKS, so im going to be completely redoing mine with a carbon zylon blend and making a hard resin cover so i dont have to worry about the adhesive sucking, or the material getting dirty.


Heres mine






ill be using this instead of vinyl :)





also going to be replacing the red stripes on my iggees covers with brown leather, and reinforcing the bolsters with it as well to help blend it all in together.


So i would say redo it before the weather gets too hot, and use either a REALLY thick fabric or use a marine grade vinyl or leather(ette)

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