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D4 light Flashing

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then buy a haynes manual! the majority of the people on this board drive manual transmission cars and forgo the problems of automatics, that and most of us here don't drive an accord either. sorry i couldn't help more.

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Actually, I own a ram pickup and the thing is slow as balls. can't get out of it's own damn way, breaks down all the time. i would drive it into the river and collect the insurance money but I am pretty sure it wouldn't make it that far.

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yeah just got done swapping the motors out of my 90 dakota, even with a fresh motor the thing is still slow as hell. And is it wrong to want to hit retards on the head? I mean its not like it will do any damage, they wear football helmets all the time anyways. "but it wont be in the owners manual" dumbass, every indicator lamp function is listed in the owners manual. derrrp

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