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'78 Truimph Spitfire Build

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Me and my buddy started a build thread on it the other week and been updating it so ill just move it here, you guys might like it.


The car has been sitting in the barn at my house for five years and its finally time to start the project.


basically taking miata parts and adapting them to work on the spitfire chassis. the first phase will be 1.6 engine and trans, rear end, complete miata stock ecu, and miata dash components adapted to fit and look a stock(ish) spitfire dash. also paint, and wheels.


once it runs independent rear suspension, miata rear end, and turbo.


first day out of the barn


its a bit of a basketcase


pulling the engine


and its out!



Tomorrow night the "new" motor gets test fitted in and cutting begins





Got a good amount of machup done tonight. Tranny and motor now fit perfectly were they will be sitting. Shifter will be a bit farther back than we had planned but we'll be making different shifter for it. Also are going to use the stock header but will be cutting it where all four meet and rerouting it out a side exit via the bottom of the fender behind the front left wheel. Next on the list will be fabbing up two mounts for the motor and then one for the tranny.


New motor slipping in






Cutting part of the firewall to fit




After the firewall, part of the tranny, and tunnel were trimmed it sits pretty






Up next here will be fabbing up some mount points and taking care of the exhaust so it clears the steering shaft.







Made some good headway last night with getting everything closer to being mounted. I forged ahead on making the motor mounts while tyler buttoned up everything on the motor and did the timing. Also prepped the stock header flange for the new exhaust we'll be fabbing up eventually.






WARNING! I dont suck this much at welding lol, the welding on the mounts looks pretty rough mainly cause i used flux cored wire and didnt clean it up before pics and it was my first couple passes in years, the other mount turned out beautiful haha










i found some pictures of the car when we first got it, before all the body work was done.








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we've been getting work done on it every couple days so ill be updating this along with the progress, with pics of course! haha. from what we've come up with were going to do a 2.5" side exhaust like that on an old shelby. And for the header, yes it may be a bit odd and not give the BEST performance, i want to try my hand at designing and making an unequal length header to give it a nice low rumble.



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