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pics of the car


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So I just got a 94 del sol with the b18b1 swap. It needs a little TLC but all is good. Right now it makes noise when turning left, like a pulsing hum. My thought was its a wheel bearing. How easy is this on this car. Can I do this my self with a hammer or do I have to bring it to a press. Are there any write ups on this?


Here are some pics of the car. What do you guys think.

del sol

My link

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looks pretty sick dude. I was thinking of doing a b18 swap myself lol hows the power with the new engine? do you know how the engine was broken in?


pretty sure it was broken in back in the early-mid 90's so pretty sure he has no idea..



for the OP.. im not much into the bodykit, headlights, fenders, wheels.. but other than all the visual "upgrades" it doesnt look like its too bad a car.. how much did you pay for it?


god please dont say more than $3,000



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Usually not much on kits, but yours looks pretty nice and clean for a kitted car. Whoever did it apparently did it right, again from photos. Looks to me like you need a nice tasteful OEM style trunk spoiler or the really low to the decklid style that extends past the edge a few inches. Either would look cool with your kit I think. How nice is the paint? Hard to see in those pics. Has it been reshot since the kit?

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