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Oasis of the Seas - largest cruise ship in the world


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Whoever chose that music for the vid needs a bullet to the head. Asap please.


Never been on a cruise... I don't get the big deal about them.


You have someone to cook 24 hrs, eat anytime of the day/night, surrounded by hotties in thongs/naked, casinos, shows, and you don't have to work. If that's not the life, I don't know what is

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cruises are great. cruises that go 10 hours and the engine catches fire and it takes 4 days to get back to port with no electricity on the ship sucks balls.


If you're referring to that cruise that was stranded last week, I wish I was on that cruise - reimbursement AND a free cruise for the next time?? holla

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food was cold sandwiches consisting primarily of spam and the pools were closed since the circulation system and chlorine system were all offline.


point totally made about most anything being better then work. this would really push it though.

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