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My Brakes


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So eversince I first got my Accord from my dad and even before he had it the breaks were really soft. Everytime I stop at a light it slowly goes farther and farther down so I end up having to bury my foot into the carpet and then take my foot off so that it can get stiff again.

I think its air in the brake lines but I'm not sure. Any suggestions?

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Sounds like air in you brake lines. Or the lines themselves are just crappy and expanding a lot.


First thing is bleed them, then see how it goes.


My car has 192k miles and I just got it back from the shop. New engine with 90k on it. My car feels amazing now!

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Idk havent noticed it if it hasnt. Too distracted with out fast it is now lol


Hi Guys,


I recently got my brakes checked from Firestone and they came up with a hugel list of things


- Brake shoe change


- Rear wheel cylinder replacement as the fluid was leaking.


The quote for the above was around 565 bucks +Labor.


I was not sure to get that done so i went to a honda dealer here and he inspected and said there is no problem what so ever also mentioned firestone folks always are that way.

Honda has some service folks who work on commission and the rep said they would have definitely caught this anyways if such was the case....



What if i got it done at Firestone---would that not be a sheer case of cheating and fraud for getting something purposely without really requiring it.


Can we tolerate such kind of straight cut illegal activity.


Can i sue Firestone for this--- what do i do...i am in a fix and not sure whats up with my brakes and whom to believe...

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hey braves, could also have been a vacuum leak and when you swapped the motors out you could have simply fixed the vac leak allowing the brake booster to work at full capacity again.

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My Accord did this a while back where the brake pedal would slowly go all the way down to the floor at a stop light, I had a bad master cylinder after I replaced it everything worked fine I would suggest bleeding it first though just incase.

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