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Hello from New Zealand!


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Hi all, I am from New Zealand and drive a JDM 88 CRX SI. I like long walks on the beach, candle light dinners and Blowjobs :D Nah seriously I like blowjobs the best. I joined up to see what others in the Honda world are doing & get some ideas and knowledge.


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Yeah we only just got it installed in the mud hut :laugh:


WTF NZ isnt a backwards nowhere island with nothing on it


Lols. I know dude, just kidding. I'd love to live out in NZ! Best place in the world for extreme sports, awesome countryside, and I hear your D&B scene is pretty good too!! One of my friends from my street back home moved out there a few years back... some of the stuff he gets up to looks like awesome fun :D


Nice Rex! Needs a wee drop n some smaller wheels though :p. U keeping it stealthy matte black?

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All good bro, NZ is pretty good but it can get boring hence why we love the extreme sports!


I have got 14" Watanabe look-a-likes aswell but prefer the 16" Sparco's, as for the drop im making some extended tophats very soon so should get a little more drop. I could go to adjustable coilovers but over here you have to get a certification compliance for that and I would rather do engine swap or turbo ZC at the same time.

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i like this guy, he actually knows wtf he's talking about lol


theres no way in hell my car would be legal in NZ lol i think i are a wee bit too low :laugh:


engine swap engine swap engine swap engine swap engine swap... then boost that :happy:


post pics of "wantanabe's" i love those wheels! i think theyd look SICK on the rex! just saying

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Rex rex rex!!! I'm gonna say Rex a lot too so people think I know what I'm talking aboot. Aye!





Welcome to the Forums all the way from Kansas! lol

That's a pretty BA ride you got there. Hope you enjoy living on HF lol



Rex Rex Rex Rex!

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