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Vagina bubbles from hell!!


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You guys need to take "How to Identify one Asian from Another". Japanese are Nihon, kung pao is Chinese, Kim chee is Korean (yum), Pho is Vietnamese, then there are Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian..anyway I like it all but I think I would rather be eaten by the Grudge bitch than get involved in that foaming funk. Like what sick f--k would think that up?


Kung fu is Chinese, Karate is Japanese and they all don't know it. My mother spent her formative years in a Japanese prison camp and saw her brother forced to walk on a land mine to show the camp internees what would happen to them if they tried to escape. She was 9 years old at the time and I would bet she might have been raped by the Japanese soldiers because all of her older sisters where. Anyway, she ingrained in my brother and I to kick Japanese ass whenever we saw them and they do not all know martial arts. It was a great Bully Beat Down thing until we got older. Worse part is now she has surrendered. She owns a Lexus and an Infiniti and plays deaf when I ask her about her hatred of anything Japanese. Anyway to make a short story long we had to learn the different Asian groups because you don't want to pick on a Korean, they all know Tae Kwon Do...that stereotype is true.

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If you think about asians have probably the best stereotypes. Minus the driving of course. Asians tip well right?

Ha,ha,ha, that one made me laugh. Ask any waitress even Asian waitresses. Asians are the worst tippers. They believe, "that you job I no need pay you mo' money, you ask boss mo' money no ask me, I customer!"

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Yeah the best stereotypes except for the tiny penis one


Dude, you don't want to own that one..knowing ethnic penis sizes, some might think, you mahoo, bakla, maricon. But then BBC News reported that condom manufacturers have had to resize to smaller condom tooling for East Indians because they are hung like gnats. I don't care because I am not on the receiving end. Plus ask any female it's not how long your pecker it is how fat your wallet is!

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