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Super crazy awesome horrible unsatisfactory dumb smart idea!!&

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On a 2008+ (any newer model) Accord?


Is this possible?


Would it not give the Accord the ability to take on much harsher bumps and divets and such?


(I have a point so please reply) :happy:

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No no for real. They are built on the same chassis and such. Lol I sense a beating is coming my way. But I want to know damnit.


If that is just too much to fathom then how could I beef up an accords suspension to take more abuse?

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I have had no contact with that model accord or ridgeline. Your first step in such an inglorious task would be to visually inspect the suspensions and/or get hold of the respective service manuals to see if the suspension framework is close enough in shape to even bother trying.

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