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Just bought a 94 Del Sol needing suggestion to turn this into a Awesom


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Just Bought a 94 Del Sol, its run down and needs cosmetic work as well as other things. I want to turn this into a "FUN" daily driver something thats sorta impressive but not overly flashy(A. I dont want my car stolen B.I wanna be quick but I dont want to race everything that comes across me and C. I have some money to pour into the car..but not racer money) I really dont know where to begin and I dont know how to post pictures on here. I dont know where to get parts here in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area. IM a complete newbie. Please HELP!

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Welcome dude.


Use photobucket.com to upload your pics then just use the img. code to put them up on your thread.


Once we have an idea of what state your sol's in we'll be able to help you more.


If you're looking for parts try craigslist, ebay, junkyards, and search through different forums for part out threads and such.

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well first thing is first, fix whats wrong.


1. Get 1piece headlights

2. get rid of the rattle can paint job

3. take pride in your car and detail the crap out of it

4. get rid of those fugly ass altezza tails

5. get rid of that ghetto fab SRI and put a gutted stock intake or CAI intake on

6. learn to drive manual, then do a auto-manual swap


Then you can start to upgrade it, and to do that we need a few things


1. What are your power goals, 150-200-300-400 whp?

2. What is your budget 1k,2k,5k,10k ,etc

3. How much do you know about working on these cars, build an engine from a/m parts and tune it yourself on hondata/crome/uberdata etc, diy turbo, suspension work, or just change your oil, etc?

4. How dedicated are you do doing this work?

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I would have about a 1-3k to work with , maybe more. Yeah I noticed the spray can paint job too! I gotta also replace the hood and the windshield I think some one backed into the car. Im learning about Hondas as I go my roomates brother knows about them so he pretty much my advisor I just dont wanna bother the guy to death and learn for self. Once again I wanna make this a nice car real nice, but not racer ish. I wanna start out making her quicker and more responsive ( fun to drive basically) I heard if I change the Whole air intake system and also change out the fuel injectors pump and filter I should notice a small difference in performance?

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You have so many issues you need to work on before you get to performance enhancements. I just hope the car is in a lot better mechanical shape that it looks, otherwise I'm afraid your repairs list is even longer than it appears. Good luck, it needs some work.

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^^^ What they said. You can definitely get it up to par within your budget but how dedicated are you to bringing that sol back to life? Not that it's dead but it certainly doesn't look like it has been treated well at all.


A little inspiration if you're serious about this - http://www.honda-tec...d.php?t=2506898

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Start with a huge interior/exterior detail job. Everything looks better when it is clean.


You are somewhat in luck. There is a strong del sol contingent in texas and that means more cars around for parts and texas parts aren't all rusted out.


Start with some decent one-piece headlights from ebay. You generally can't go wrong for under $100 - just avoid the chrome ones as they look pretty tacky. Same goes for the taillights. Get something stockish or tinted, just not chrome.


While you are waiting for your lights to ship from eBay start searching craigslist for front end parts. a clean hood and bumper should run you anywhere from $50-150 depending on local demand (here in ohio the price is usually even higher then that due to snow and ice causing rear-ending crashes and soaking up all the salvage parts)

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