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RWD Differential


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Hey I saw a del sol on youtube that was rear wheel drive. What you guys think on that has anyone driven one how they handle is it worth it... or too much pain in the as*. All comments welcome


It would take some really serious custom modification. Everything from mounts to drive shaft/axles, etc would have to be custom made. It would probably end up costing more than just buying an earlier model s2000.

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That del sol, Is most likely the AWD one that has a crv drivetrain...As far as the customization, it's not too bad just copy the underside of the crv for the most part.



Oh, is THAT all?!?! Unless you've been party to a conversion like this, you just don't realize how many issues you will run into. This is NOT a common conversion. There won't be any Hasport like entity out there with the plug and play parts you'll need. You will have to engineer your own parts and pieces. Don't get me wrong, it would be a blast of a project to do, but don't downplay the enormity of a project like this. You'd have a MUCH easier time putting a J series V6 under the hood of a CRX and it would be nearly as much fun.


This guy did essentially what you are asking about: http://www.honda-tech.com/showthread.php?t=2618576

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j series in a crx is a weekend project now, you can't even use that for difficulty comparisons.


full awd crv into anything civic would be totally awesome, but you would pretty much have to rebuild the subframe of the car to do that. a LOT of fabrication to be had.

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Hence my statement that it would be "MUCH EASIER"...


(In my best Italian Godfather accent) You got's some kinda problem with's your reading comprehension? LOL



(And yes, the spelling errors are intentional)

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i have seen somewere on the net that they put the motor in the back. dont know how but they did. and yes use a crv awd trans. for the driveshaft have fun. but i would run it were the exhuast use to be and then run a flat pipe for the exhuast. i seen in honda tuning a guy did a rwd prelude and use the h2b kit with the crv awd trans and did it. was kick ass if you ask me

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