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Headlight Condensation

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So ive had my new integra for about a month now. Its treating me great and the ITR front makes me grin everytime i see it.... sadly ive come to realize there is a leak in the passenger headlight. ...crap!


Its not bad but is really bugging me. I know for some headlights you can get replacement seals and take the assembly apart and simply replace the gasket. i think?


Ive heard about the baking thing, evaporate all the water and push to assembly together and spread a bead of some sealant around. ...just seems like alot of work without being sure what im doing. The ITR lights have clips on them and doesnt seem possible to put a new bead of anything on it?


...i have no idea... its a first for me!


any advice?

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you should be able to bake it... but i thought that was normally reserved for wanting to paint the inside or something



anyway you can bake it.. pull it apart.. clean the seal.. put more sealent on it.. put it together






if that doesnt work im not liable hahah

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