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cleaning gsr wheels

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I thought I'd just pop a question in here too... as it's along the same kinda lines...


The chrome lips on my wheels have got kind of corroded, havent cleaned them up since last summer, and the finish has gone kinda nasty... is there anyway I can get them back to shining like new?


Are they clear coated???

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Thanks colter! looks like there is still some life to be had in them.

And Mike... I got no idea if they are clear coated lol.


It's just all the dirt and break dust has been on the lips too long, and its gonna need some strong stuff to get it all off, and where it has been doesn't look too great.


If they are polished and not cleared, I have had good luck with 0000 stainless steel wool, and mothers, then buffed out again mith just Mothers. Might not be the right way, but it works well for me.:D

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Eddie who? me? lol. Well if its just minor break dust and dirt no big I use black magic sprays right on leave for five min wash of with water cleans very good.

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