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aftermarket / junkyard parts


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I've been wondering what people have to say about aftermarket parts and junkyard parts. I know that generally the best thing to do when replacing a part is to get the official honda part, but I'm sure some aftermarket parts are just as fine. What do people think about this, and are there any aftermarket brands that known for better performance than others?


As for junkyard parts, I can't be sure how long they've been exposed to the elements. I took a drum brake self-adjuster pin, lever, and spring from a junkyard not long ago and it's been fine, but those are simple metal parts. I'm thinking of going back and getting two rear struts since mine are worn, but I was never one for science, and I don't know if something like that, sitting out for years upon years, would still be okay. How would one go about choosing what to take and what not to take from a junkyard?


Just looking for some opinions from people with more experience. I don't want to get too excited about the price for cheap parts only to have them fail on me six months later

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Salvage yards are a good option in a lot of cases. I only use a handful and have parts shipped direct. Greenleaf Auto Salvage and East Park Auto both pull all primary sellable good parts and store them in doors. Brake drums from a salvage yard though, I would not spend the money or my time (which is money). Each yard is different and over time you will become yard savy and know when you are either stepping into or talking to a "good" yard. Both the yards listed above will have all information regarding the VIN, mileage and type of accident the car was in. They also test many of the primary parts prior to selling and will back them. Those are common signs of dealing with a good yard. Don't get me wrong, I have a couple of small yards that are honey holes that I will go to personally for off the wall parts for the Accord wagons, as they can be hard to find in many yards and many parts are not interchangeable with the 2 and 4 door Accords.


Bottom line spend your time at many yards and you will know where to shop for particular parts. It is just like groceries... There is no good answer.

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Junk yards are great for most old Hondas as there are just so many of them built that every junk yard has half a dozen civics at any one time. Brackets, hardware, interior pieces and engine parts (depending on mileage of donor) are all fine from a junkyard. I would stay away from using yard parts for any of the 'consumable' parts. Things such as: tires, shocks, rotors, drums and exhausts would be best to buy new for any vehicle you plan to drive regularly.

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legally junk yards are not allowed to sell tires, any kind of brake or steering parts. and half shafts


pretty much anything that makes you stop, stay ont he road, or turn they are not supposed to sell. lol



but yes other junkyard parts are good.

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