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2008 Subaru Legacy 2.5GT Turbo

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ok so my cousin has a 2.5L legacy turbo. well the turbo blew out on it so he had a new one put in(still under warranty). after some time the replacement turbo went kaboom and the bearings burnt out. he has been going to the dealership to change oil and such when its due. so now it is sitting at a dealership/service place torn to pieces. but here is the problem, when he talked to them after the second turbo had blown the guy on the phone slipped and mentioned going to the junkyard to get the turbo. the warranty covers a brand new one through subaru. then they tell him his rings are fried..he asks how they knew and they admitted to tearing the entire engine apart. in the warranty it says that only a subaru dealership can dismantle the engine(this place is just a service center). so by now my cousin is pissed and drives up to see why the motor is apart. when he gets there the car is pushed outside in the gravel parking lot with the windows down, keys inside, all his personal information laying on the seat, and get this...the company put the motor back together, in the process stripped a few bolts, and it is sitting with no oil pan on. and he finds out the car has been sitting like this for 2 months. outside with no oil pan on the block...


nowthe service center is saying that subaru will not cover his warranty and that he will have to pay 4000 for a short block plus 85 an hour to assemble, dyno, and charge him for everything in the book.



what to do?


do the legacy gt's usually have a problem like this?

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BBB only means two things:


#1 if they give a rats ass about their BBB membership they agree to non-binding arbitration. the key is non-binding so there is no legal authority at all. otherwise they would just ignore the BBB request for the review and revoke the BBB membership.

#2 other people will see they suck.

That's it.

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