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1996 Honda Civic LX Question


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Just wanted to know what it means when the e-brake light stays on after you have fully disengaged the e-brake. Do I need brake fluid? Brake change? Is one of my brake lights out?


The vehicle is a 1996 Honda Civic LX no mods, auto tranny...


thx guys.

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brake fluid resivoir low. Add more


Take it one step further, and find out why res. is low. Check for fluid at each caliper, check bleeder valves are all tightened, check around prop. valve, look around inside of wheel wells. A lot of the times brake fluid will leak onto back side of rim and tire, then fling it all over inside of wheel wells. Little more rare, but look inside car up under dash around where where it attaches through firewall. Never happened to me, but I have heard about it with some one else.

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mike if hes asking this question and he was too lazy to pop the hood and do a little looking around (aka look at the brake fluid resiviour) i really doubt hes going to get under the car and look.

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