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1995 Honda Accord - Is it the engine or the wheel?!


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Hi there - I've been the proud owner of a 1995 Honda Accord EX for over 100K miles - The car has been awesome until recently, when I noticed my brakes were not stopping properly. After attempting to change the rotors at my friends shop, we discovered that in order to remove the rotors we had to do a hard press (hard pull?) to get them off.

I took my car to a shop to have this done, and even though I purchased all of my own parts, the total was still over $700. They insisted I replace the axles while I was there


However, after leaving the dealership I noticed something strange happening- I was hoping someone on here could at least point me in the right direction.


When I put the car in first gear and accelerate, the car shakes pretty violently in the area of the front left wheel and under the area of the engine - It continues into 2nd, and even 3rd, but once the car is going, it is hard to tell there is a problem. However, the shaking is so bad that I don't feel safe driving it. This happens every time I reduce speed and start the acceleration process again.


Obviously, I took the car back to the shop but they insisted the problem was not theirs, so now I'm stuck and have NO idea what is going on.


The only real problem with the car is that the muffler was ripped when I drove past the scene of a wreck and hit something - The muffler ripped open, so it definitely needs to be replaced. I can't imagine that would cause this problem, but I figured it was worth mentioning.



If there's ANYONE who can help me or even point me in a starting direction I would appreciate it so much.





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The problem is so obviously theirs it isn't funny. If it didn't happen before that, and all of a sudden when a bunch of work is done in the front wheel area it happens...Yeah it's their fault. Don't back down. Insist they look over every single thing that could have been loosened. Something is probably loose. That's bullshi*t man, I hope you give them hell.

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dahm that is one son of a b!*^% shop!.........did u ever sighn fore anything or they take any information if u did not sighn for anything and they fixed or tried to that is elligal and evry thing would have to be free and maybe they would have to fix it,,,, but good luck man

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