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Hello all

96civic Dx

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Lets start with the obvious I'm new to the forums lol.

My name is Travis and I drive 1996 Civic DX coupe. Still working on getting it back to mint condition. My friend told me about the forums and he's right I've gotten a lot of help. Still learning about my civic, any info is welcome. and it's nice to meet you.

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well welcome to HF but pics would be cool so get some lol but what are your plans to do to the car and what got you in to honda



Plan: Get body back to stock, mostly just dents and cracked fenders and hood.

Then figure out the easy stuff like i/e/h....it has side exhaust now...not liking that lol

Paint it, most likely si blue or a darker shade.

re do my interior, the leather is all ripped up

and then enjoy owning it.


Ford was way to many problems and too complicated for parts and fixes...in addition to -17 miles to the gallon

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