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Del Sol Build Thread.


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- ACL Duraglide Bearings STD.

- AEM High Volume Fuel Filter.

- AEM High Volume Fuel Rail.

- ARP Headstuds.

- Blox 76mm Throttle Body.

- Competition 59500 Stage 3 Camshaft.

- Custom 4 Bolt Downpipe.

- FJR Spec Custom Length I-Beam Connecting Rods.

- Full Engine Gasket Kit.

- Garrett 60-1 T3/Turbocharger.

- Garrett Oil Feed Line.

- Gates Racing Timing Belt.

- GMB Water Pump.

- KMS Single Race Valve Springs.

- KMS Titanium Retainers.

- KMS Black Nitride Stainless Steel Valves.

- Moroso Oil Pan.

- NPR Piston Rings.

- OEM Honda Headgasket.

- Precision 1000cc Injectors.

- Skunk2 Pro Series Cam Gear.

- SPA Cast Top Mount Turbo Manifold.

- Spoolin-Performance Aluminum Charge Pipe Kit.

- EMUSA 38mm Wastegate. (PURPLE)

- Tial 50mm Blow Off Valve. (PURPLE)

- YCP Vitara 75mm Pistons.



- 16'' Rota D2 Rims With Centers Painted Purple.

- OEM JDM Sidemarkers.

- One Piece Black Housing Headlights.



- OEM GSR Leather Seats. (BLACK)

- OEM Interior Door Handles. (BLACK)

- OEM JDM Sun Visor Set.

- OEM Map Lights. (BLACK)

- Rewrap Grey Panels in ?.

- Tan Carpet Kit.



- ProSport Boost Gauge.

- ProSport EGT Gauge.

- ProSport Fuel Pressure Gauge.

- ProSport Oil Pressure Gauge.

- ProSport Volt Gauge?

- ProSport Wideband A/F Gauge.

- Hondata S300 Engine Management.

- Omni Power 3-Bar Map Sensor.



- ASR Rear Subframe Brace. (PURPLE)

- Beaks Rear Subframe Tie Bar. (PURPLE)

- Blox Rear Lower Control Arms. (PURPLE)

- Goodridge G-Stop Brakeline Kit.

- Hawk HPS Street Brake Pads Front and Rear.

- PWJDM 3-Point Front Strut Tower Brace.

- PWJDM 4-Point Rear Strut Tower Brace.

- R1 Concepts Cross Drilled and Slotted Brake Rotors Front and Rear.

- Skunk2 Coilovers.

- Skunk2 Front Pro Series Camber Kit.

- Skunk2 Rear Pro Series Camber Kit.

- Skunk2 Sport Shocks.


Making a new thread since I can't edit my other one. Going to update this daily so I don't have to worry about not being able to edit it. It's So Hard Shopping for parts lol.

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Here's pics for those that missed last thread build.


Motor Torn Down.



Legit Jap Plates.



SPA Top Mount Mani.



Legit Jap Vin.



Teh One Piece Headlights.



Black Door Handles.



Honda Part Wall Lol.


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And this is from today. Was bored, Tired of my half bumper and missing corner light soooooooooooooooooooooo....





Will have pics of it completed tomorrow, ran out of light. I know that's what a flash is for but i like daytime pics better ftw. Going to the track tomorrow, hopefully have some pics and vids for you guys!

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nice, i like the list.. but im with jesse, should be a B series lol..


eyy nugka lemme get one of them there japanese liscence plates off of you!!!



yea you know i will take one of the japanese plates off you too

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Lol thanks. Anal would be sick, only if your a chick. LMFAO. Wow, kidding. but seriously.


As I understand it -- I'm thinking he wants to assfrack you in return for the plate. COULD be mistaken.. PROBABLY am..but that'd be a HELLACIOUS trade LUL.

Edited by Ben.
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As I understand it -- I'm thinking he wants to assfrack you in return for the plate. COULD be mistaken.. PROBABLY am..but that'd be a HELLACIOUS trade LUL.


You would... Assclown. Lmao.

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Just ordered my Hid's and ARP Head Studs.



Okay, i'm done updating since the editing feature goes away. That's stupid. I'm done posting here.


i dont think drew can do anything about it. i think this new layout came as a whole. most you can do is just keep posting. have a mod keep joining posts


so hows the build coming?

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Good I guess. Gonna try to get the block tanked, decked, and honed. Rods will be here this week. Everything will be here to get the block ready to build for next weekend. Don't think it'll happen, but it'll be ready.

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LOL, @ not wanting to post anymore.


For God's sakes, just add it to the thread as you go. 99% of people aren't going to go to the end of the thread just for you to say "UPDATED ON PAGE ONE" only to go back to look at something they already skimmed and passed over.

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