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so i changed my thermostat today..........and a clutch reservoir quest


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changed the thermostat today because the car wouldnt not warm up at all. sat on cold even if you drove for 45minutes. so first thing my antifreeze was brown. literally. the thermostat has been replaced before because it is a universal one that we pulled off. i put a new one on...one thing though. with the car not wanting to warm up ew figured the thermostat would be stuck open...it was completely shut. so why did my car not overheat? is there a bypass hose to keep it from doing so? and i didnt have any leaks..any ideas why?





my clutch fluid reservoir was fine last week, completely full and had been for a few weeks. i checked it today..bone friggin dry. i cant find a visible leak, slave cylinder is ok. any ideas where i should be leaking?

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1st thing - flush your system.. if coolant looked like that you need to get some flush and a hose and get to it


as far as the thermostat idk.. check your gauge but with how cold its been where you live unless you've sat and idled for a long time it may have not have had the chance to overheat (dont try it)



as far as the resovoir.. fill it and check every inch of it.. might need a new line.. chris bought my SS clutch line for next to nothing

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yeah we didnt have time to flush it. the place here in town does a full flush for $15 if i buy the antifreeze. so thats what 20-25 after taxes. that iwll be done in two weeks when spring break comes.


the car has been like that for two months. i let it sit and idle for a while. we just thought it was stuck open. it never went above C on the temp gauge. but the new thermo is in and it works fine. goes up to normal operating temperature.


i think i have a leak. but it could be anywhere. and need to have someone bleed the brakes and clutch backwards into the system because the clutch and brake pedal still engage very very low to the floor


where did you get the SS line?

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