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Got me another sol


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This household is now the proud owners of 2 sols


my 95s solvic that you all have seen me working on since last year and now i am going to be flying to new mexico and picking up






Stock block d16z6, freshly rebuilt with ~6k miles mated to an EX tranny

AEM Fuel Pressure regulator

Walbro fuel pump

Garrett 50trim .42/.63 t3 turbo, freshly rebuilt with ~3k miles (note the turbine size)

Earls SS oil feed line

Turbosmart 38mm Racegate external wastegate

Underground Racing cast turbo manifold

custom 3" full turbo back exhaust, 3" CARB legal cat, and dual (inline) 3" high flow Magnaflow mufflers

PLX M300 wideband as primary o2 sensor

Apexi AVCR digital boost controller


Very large GodSpeed FMIC

3" oversized aluminum radiator

reinforced silicone couplers with T-clamps

MSD External ignition coil

MSD Dist cap

MSD 8mm plug wires

0/1ga main batt ground, all other grounds bumped to 4ga

Alt wire upgraded to 4ga also

ACT streetlight flywheel (11lb)

ACT heavy duty pressure plate

ACT SS street disk



Suspension / Handling / Braking:

KYB AGX adjustable struts

Underground Racing sleeve coilovers

Underground Racing front camber kit

Underground Racing rear camber kit

Underground Racing rear LCA (accepts sway bars)

Front upper strut brace, rear upper strut brace, & rear lower strut brace, brand unknown (dont remember, have had forever)

EBC slotted/dimpled zinc plated rotors up front, (drums out back still)

Hawk semi-metallic pads

Goodridge SS brake lines on all 4 corners

Integra GSR power rack & pinion, re-plumbed & converted to non-power. (quickest steering ratio available from OEM)




Chipped/socketed P06 converted to Vtec, fine tuned via Crome PRO (not hours, MONTHS of tuning)

Ostrich + datalog cable wired to a USB hub, single retractible USB cable from glovebox allows for very quick tuning/logging simultaneously

Additional gauges include boost/vac, oil pressure, fuel pressure, batt voltage, and everything the AVCR displays (boost, speed, tach, Injector duty cycle, gear, etc..)

JVC indash dvd player with bluetooth, ipod, usb, XM radio, full A/V input, and backup camera with night vision.

MTX Thunder Axe 6.5" components (currently bi-amped off of the deck), sub(s) & amp(s) change pretty regularly.




Viper 791xv 2way alarm with remote start

aftermarket power locks & power trunk release

All 3 windows can be rolled up & down via alarm remote, & both fronts also have 1 touch up & down from the switch (VERY handy).

Blue LED mounted in center console & "VIPER" OEL LCD display in base of windshield





Tenzo R steering wheel

dstuning del Sol logo black/red floor mats

black/red stitching shifter boot & ebrake boot

Skunk2 40g weighted shift knob

B&M billet short throw shifter

Black door panels, rear panels, and headliner

Doors, floor, rear wall, roof, rear quarters, and the entire trunk have all been covered in Dynamat sound deadener. (several layers might I add)

power trunk release button installed in-cab

Most of the interior panels have been replaced with OEM to freshen it up & replace broken parts.




MS design rear spoiler

JDM rear license plate garnish

smoke 1pc headlights

clear corner reflectors

blacked out custom LED rear tail lights

5% black tint with solid black windshield strip. (literally, you can barely even see the sun through it)

16" Enkei rims

OEM mudguards



This will be my dad's sol, and ill continue to build mine. As of right now mine has a rebuilt z6 waiting to get dropped in, and am in the process of setting up a turbo to mate to it. i however will be using a much smaller turbo than is on the sol im about to go pickup (smaller snail = faster spool) and am looking at doing a disco potato to reach peak boost at about 1700rpm (max out at about 7psi) with how I am looking at doing it, and the shop that is going to tune for me said I could reasonably sit at about 180hp with the other mods i will be doing. More pics soon :D

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those pics are from solsociety. Hes detailing it now, hes going to email me some photos in next few days (hes got a new kid, so its cool, im not in a big hurry)

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