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Drove out to Pittsburgh today....


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Me and a buddy drove out to Pittsburgh today to meet up with another subie to swap my WRX trunk/wing for his STi trunk/wing. Besides it being ungodly cold, all went well. Must say though the drive up and back was sooooo fun, the most windy, smooth roads ever up through all the mountains. Took a few pics from the trip as well....


Found an abandoned house along the road...











AND THEN, on the way home this abomination merged next to us and wanted to race.... i dont even know where to start on it... beleive it WAS a chevy s10


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LoL, you got a nice subie, and to think i almost bought one lol...man, that wing you have looks funny for some reason lol dunno why but it does haha...anyway please tell me you were speeding past that chevy every now and then lol....wowzers that things ugly haha

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haha nice, yeah it might look a bit weird in the pictures cuz the kid i traded with had an asston of salt covering his car, and mine didnt so it looks really white and grimy. Yeah after revving at me and then making odd hang signals i just stepped on it and got ahead of some traffic, he tried to follow, but that wing just gave him a bit too much downforce...

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