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94 del Sol SI Engine surge stall


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94 Del Sol SI, 89,00 miles, Manual trans, Stock.


Intermittent problem.


Was driving on xpress way 70 MHP 5th gear constant speed. Had been driving for 250 miles with 100 miles since last fill-up. Engine surged, cut out, then kicked back in. (Acted as if I stomped on gas for a second then killed ignition then turned ignition back on.) Entire event lasted about 2 seconds. Engine was normal remainder of trip.


The next morning the engine started and ran fine, for 1 mile. Engine stalled comming off a light. Turned over but not start. Tried a couple of times, acted like it did not even want to start: no catch, no sputter. Then presto, started fine. Drove home, and it did the surge, engine cutout, return to normal. Did this twice. I was in second about 20 MPH accelerating. Again event only lasted for a couple of seconds.


I did not see any error light and the check engine light is not lit. Performed read error code proced, no code stored.


I have not been driving Del Sol since this happed.


Any ideas.

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