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Build my turbo kit!


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So i got to looking around at turbo kits

they all look pretty good


iv been looking at this one for a good while



but i wanted to get into building my own

and realized

i have no idea where to start


SO, if someone could be so kind as to point me in the right drection (ie part names, pieces, good brands, websites, so forth, so on)

that would be awesome




(93 del sol s d15b7(want to eventualy swap for b18c))

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well as i previously stated i have a d15b7 now and want to swap to b18 later

so i need something that can easily be adapted to one or the other


also, for the d15 i prob wont go over 8 psi just because i am not planning and doing much internal work do to the swap

seems a waste of money a little


however, i dont want something cheap because when i do get the b18 i plan on boosting high

20-22 psi

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WELL if you want to turbo and have it last you should build the whole motor.. aka none of the interals will swap


and as for fuel delivery, manifolds, piping, etc its going to impossible or really hard to swap things.. you could probably use the turbo/intercooler/piping (maybe piping) and that'd be it



i would figure out which one you want to build/boost then go from there


and even if you DONT want to build internals i wouldn't recommend boosting a motor with a lot of miles.. just because the rings in your motor will be worn.. the whole motor is worn actually lol

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ok maybe i will try saying it defferently


so i want to swap my d for a b

but before i put the b in i want to have it completely rebuilt

as in, go ahead and upgrade internals, and redo everything i can for performance


so it will be a year or 2 before i can get that in


in the mean time

i want to boost what i have now

5-8 psi max


and i know i cant just take the turbo of my d and through it on my b

that will be takin into consideration when build it up



lead me to something i can put together that can boost a little for now

but boost a lot later


again, i know some parts will have to be change

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Go here. Read this.


The process of turboing a non-factory turbo motor is long and in-depth. There are tons of stickies on related sites like Real Home Made Turbo and Turbo d16 that will explain and educate greatly on the subject while also recommending parts to pursue and parts to avoid.


I too wanted someone to hold my hand when I decided to undertake this project, but quickly learned there is no one out there willing to do it because they all had to do it the hard way. Once I realized that and bit the bullet it became much easier and now I have a pretty good idea of what I want out of my motor and what equipment I'll need.

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