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So I just had my car painted at the begining of July

and about two weeks ago I was in class and a girl backed into

my passengers side fender of my car... well it's about an $800 - $900 repair.

She tried to say it was MY fault for not being far enough in the parking spot.

She said, "I was worried about hitting that brand new Scion TC!"


ef - my - life.



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Eff her life.


Did you get that bishes insurance?


And an incident report from the police?


Doesnt matter what she said, if the cops wrote the report her insurance will pay for it. It just might take a bit of fighting them on your part.

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$800-$900 doller repair for a fender??? for that price it had better be a carbon fiber fender that will do almost anything. id say let the insurance take care of it. and if they side with her take a brick and throw it threw her windshield. hope it works out for ya

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