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do they make aftermarket door panels for an 85 CRX ??.


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Anyone know if there is a place that makes aftermarket door panels that are close enough in guality to the factory door panels?, and if so who is the cheapest with shipping?.


Another question I have is about using seafoam in the fuel tanks.

The car is carburated and I heard that if I put seafoam in the tank to clean everything out that there could be a possibility of something getting dislodged and plugging up the carb? Is that true?.

Thanks in advance

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if your carb gets clogged by something.. then you are missing something important



its called a filter

thats funny...



ive ran seafoam in my old dual carb and never ran into any problems. and the point of seafoam is to clean the tank meaning its going to eat the crud from the bottom of the tank and turn it into a liquid basically and then itll go throw the carbs and then the motor and will clean the carbon build up prob smoke a little bit but other than that itll be fine

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