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i dont get it?


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i put my system in my new whip and everything was working good then the sub would out of no where cut in and out, i would have to turn the head unit off and back on to get it to work, no it just wont work, i rechecked everything and its all hooked up right and the amp is getting power just no sound from the sub, the sub is bran f*ckin new and the amp is old i guess (got it for free), wtf is wrong?

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my friends car had this same issue, we disconnected everything from the amp itself and then put it back together and it never had that issue again. i still dont understand what it did but it worked. is the amp maybe overheating and shutting itself off?


oh we also disconnected the power wire from the battery

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a few things. .


throw a volt meter on the amp and verify that you are getting proper voltage


recheck the subs wiring. the amp has to be capable of running stable with the ohm load of the sub. If you drop the ohms too low, you could be pushing the amp into thermal protect.


What make/model amp are you running, and whats the make/model sub??? and how is the sub wired to the amp?


lastly, try swapping the RCA's to a different set of RCA outputs on the head unit (if you have more then 1). You could have a bad output to the amp on the headunit or visa versa (amp could have bad outputs)

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300 watt amp? thats a little small


i have a sosche 500/1 and love it.. turn it on full and the speakers distort, turn the car off and then back on and the amp adjusts itself to the speakers and wont distort them anymore.. :p

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Check the fuse running on the power wire? Had one that had got a bit of water in it and the sub would randomly cut out. Replaced the fuse and all was good.


but would that cause it to have no sound?, and no i hooked the sub up to a friends amp and it works fine

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