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i´m new in here.I have a del sol 1.5.i´ll try to put some pictures.

There is somebody who knows how to remove the hot/cold A/C pannel coz no lights is working in there and it´s not the fuse?

have fun del sol guys

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Posted the pictures for ya.


Anyway, fix the front bumper, strip the bumper stickers, get the drivers side fender to match the rest of the car, and get a Honda steering wheel and that'll be an awesome Sol.



You might also want to consider narrower tires, better mileage, better handling for normal driving, far better in snow, ice, and rain... etc. Wide tires have their advantages... but for most of us those advantages will rarely make themselves apparent.

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yeah big license plates coz i am from Spain, Europe.The police here is so stupid and if they see small license plate ur fined.

had a small accident when my car was parked and that´s why front bumper and left side fender was a lil f**ked.The work shop did a awefull work and still don´t like it.

What bumper stickers?

About the steering wheel I bought the car like this and i don´t have the Honda one.

Yeah in winter i have narrower-winter tires coz i work in the mountains as a snowboard instructor.In summer in the roundabouts the road is so slippery and i really need wide tires coz i don´t drive very slow lol.

And yeah i want to do some things to my car like swap engine coz mine have just 102 HP and of course without Vtec, buy a front lip, paint it because here the people don´t know how to park and the side and bumpers are full of scratches.

I will post a topic with how I cleaned the interior by removing:seats and everithing from the radio till back window, including seat belts and everythig.

thank you guys

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but u have a plate in the front in the pik ?? lol and yeah i dont have a plate on my car right now cause i dont have plates yet.... need cash lol and i stoped and looked at the car and i was like ohh crap! i have no plate in the front at the moment thats y the car looks xtra sexy, then ima have to get a plate in the fron :l bleh

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ohh wait this is colins thread lmao! jakin erythin today. i see! I SEE RED!! and no side lights lolol like u front bumper btw. mine has like a grid thing to it in that hole i dont like it

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i had that mesh on one of my previous cars (crx)

i like this more

looks more mean muggin


and u can see my brand new pretty radiator in there kinda

well its in there


and as for the side marker things that arent there

well one was missin when i got it


and the other flew out when my tire blew once


parts fly off my car a lot haha

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rofl it flew out, u needa get better zipties i got pro shii. and yeah i love the front bumpers and the door handles!! and yes exactly wht i thought car looks mean like that

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yeah paintjob is pointless but in september i´ll move to another city so i´ll get a parking place just for my car like this at night nobody will scratch the car. :D

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