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CRX part out


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I have a CRX...I'm parting it out, unless the first person to contact me offers cash for the whole thing. I'm going to list this on Craigslist as well. Parts that most likely won't be wanted.

Piece between the hood and headlights.



Windshield is cracked...badly.

Driver side seat is actually not as bad as I thought before I went out and took pictures, minor tear in bottom.


Driver side fender has a couple of hairline cracks in it. Same with the lower molding on both doors. Transmission has bearing whine, but I have the new bearings sitting in a box.

Rest of the pictures.








Obviously, there are some items I'd rather not ship, if I do however they will be at buyers expense. PayPal is preferred. Local pickup is in Cincinnati.

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does it run?

how many miles..any leaks ticks knocks...burns oil?

Currently...no. I never got in to why it wasn't running. Could just be out of fuel. 189k, no knocking or ticking, leaks and burning common with any Honda with almost 190k on the clock.

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