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OK so today i took the duct tape off my sunroof and fiddled with it. i was able to get it opened completly and saw that well its a disaster. the seal was f'ed up, the interior part is a bitch and it honestly looks like crap. finally i put the old busted up seal back around it, and siliconed it up since it was about to rain.


basiclly i need help in finding another sunroof to put in. iv basiclly come to the conclusion that its an aftermarket sunroof so trying to find out which brand it is would be a pita. iv found a few aftermarket sunroof companies but i havnt searched for anything like this before so i need help.


im wanting the spoiler sunroof style. heres some links i found but need reviews if anybody has any or if youve heard of any.





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kastiger i took it to a place that does sunroofs. they wanted 700 bucks. decided against it. nnooss im fairly sure its just the seal but from the inside it looks like crap. im wantin a clean look for my civic all the way around. attention to detail on somethings like that are a big thing for me. does anybody you know or yourselves have reviews on the two companys i listed?


if i go with sunroofdocter.com itll run me about 350 for the sunroof itself and another 100ish for install from a custom car place here in salem.

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It it we me I would take some measurements and head to the scrap yard. But I am completely broke right now so that colours my suggestions.


Usually plenty of cars with complete sun roofs that are aftermarket that you can pick up for cheap.

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