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hey i got my lip in FINALLY.. i got the polyurithane ITR style lip and everything was shipped fine, well except that it took forever.. and the little bump on the far side in the first picture but i think thats just from where it was squished in the box, hopefully.. anybody have any ideas if the lump doesnt come out?




look there is my domokun doll thats going in my car and at my little collection of initial D 1 - 23 (on the left) :happy:


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bumpity bumpers (holy mother jebus im in a good mood, i just getted some seckz) :happy:


but humpty dumpty i got it because i liked how it looked on other sols... it was between this one and the mugen style that was made for the EM1.. but it didnt fit up right in the picture so i went with the ITR style



EDIT:: oh and because im going to rebadge my sol as a honda civic crx del sol type R






































SIIIIIKE!!!!!!!!! :laugh:

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