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Inlet Meet.


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Me, Boosted EG2, and 5spd5thgen are going to be hosting a meet in Ocean City, Maryland at the inlet. It will be on a Sunday since most people do not have to work on Sundays. It will be sometime in April or May. I'm going to be making flyers around here to put on guys cars' around here that have Honda's, or anything JDM. I'd like it to be just Honda's but whatever. My buddy's from Prelude Power, he's bringing his car, and a lot of people on his forum are willing to come, and bring their friends with civics, integras, preludes, and accords. ETC. I'm hoping to get people to come down for it. Let me know if you'd like to go, i'll add you to the list. Only post if you can go. Don't whore this thread, seriously. I'll color code the different members of each forum to make it easier to read, so you don't get usernames mixed up between them. [DelSolForum] [PreludePower] [HondaForums]



1. 93' Del Sol. (Dylan) [Repsol]

2. 93' Del Sol. (Brandon) [b00sted Eg2]

3. 95' Del Sol. (Preston) [Preston]

4. 97' Prelude. (Tyler) [5spd5thgen]

5. 95' Prelude. (Bubba) [bb4 bkh]

6. 98' Prelude. (Jon) [white5thgen]

7. 01' Prelude. (Brian) [blingbrian]

8. 99' Prelude. (Kumar) [VA h22]

9. --- Prelude. (No Name Yet) [bigmike321321]

10. 89' Prelude. (Josh) [newerluder]

11. 95' Accord. (Mike) [AccordHEART]

12. 01' Integra. (Lina) [lceah]

13. 93' Del Sol. (John) [TS John]

14. 94' Accord. (Chris) [Velocifero]

15. 94' Integra. (Keri)

16. --- Integra. (Dan)

17. --- Civic. (Bill)

18. 94' Integra. (Cody)

19. 91' CRX. (Brett)

20. --- Civic. (Duran)

21. --- Civic. (Brandon)



1. 96' Talon. (Rob) [Kastigir]

2. 91' Maxima. (Andrew)

3. 05' Tiburon. (Cole)

4. 99' Mustang. (Mike)

5. 99' Mustang. (Stu)

6. 04' Mach 1. (Eric)

7. 08' 350Z. (Dylan)

8. 09' GSXR750. (Andrew)

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We can do it for a week straight if you want, It's up to what you guys want to do, that's why We're still deciding on dates.

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Yeah. Hopefully this meet goes over well. It seems like it already is. I'm going to make flyers, put them on some mad tyte jdm rides around here.

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I think me and Lina are down for this. Should be cool and its not too far away. We might only do a day or two but we'll most probably be there.


Dunno which car we'd take.

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