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Going from catback to stock


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I dont really know of a "good silencer" considering they're generally just packaged with a catback exhaust. Just google it and see what you come up with I doubt they'd be that much. And yeah they made a pretty big difference. There was a crappy catback exhaust with a silencer on my Del Sol before hand, once I noticed it I took out the silencer and it was significantly louder. So if your problem is just how loud it is it will definitely cut it down alot.


As I said it might not be the perfect stock sounding exhaust you may want but It'll likely be alot cheaper and definitly alot less work thats for sure. It'll take all but a few minutes to toss in your muffler and bolt it on.

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Think it sounds like ass now, just try putting that silencer in it.

+1. Silencer's just make it sound crappier and a little quieter. Even a stock muffler welded on to that exhaust might do the trick. As said before...a pick and pull could find that exhaust for pretty cheap though.

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If you want a stock manifold and all, you'll probably have to buy a new one, because the manifold and cat are all one piece. Junkyards (in most states) can't sell used cats.


Because I'm cheap, when my manifold cracked, I replaced it with a cheap header. The cat-back section of the exhaust is still stock. The baffles in the muffler buzz a bit when I get on it, but otherwise it sounds pretty much like stock. If you're in a state with inspections and whatnot, you'll have to buy a new manifold / cat combo, and if you're lucky you can find junkyard pipes and a muffler.

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