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b18c1 bogging at WOT

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It wasn't doing this before, but when I drove it the other day, it was smooth as long as I didn't get more than maybe 60-70% into the gas pedal. But as soon as I would floor it, the rpms stopped climbing and the engine made a strange noise like like it was sputtering.

It's kind of hard to explain the sound. Almost like rolling your tongue. Or like a submachine gun with a silencer on 007 Goldeneye. lol


Oh and what's weird is my 4 door did the EXACT same thing last night when it was raining really heavy. Like maybe the cone filter was wet and so not enough air was coming in when the throttle body opened wide.

Then when I was in a drive-through line, in neutral, I slammed on the gas and it instantly died. The rpms went straight down. This morning (now that it dried up a little) it ran perfect again. So I assume the problem had to do with the rain.


My hatchback, however, showed this problem with blue sunny skies. And with 2 different air filters. One of which looked clean.



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TPS, TDC, or CKP sensors.


The noise you're hearing is the engine missing.



Well it's still missing an o2 sensor. That's the only code it's throwing. I checked a while back, but I'll check again now that it's doing this. Somebody told me it may be moisture in my distributor.

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