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Integra GSR problems(leak,door,horn) Please help.


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Ok. I have 94 integra ls with gsr motor. First problem is there is a small oil leak near the block. It seeps its way down to the square that says B18C1 if you see the picture. I think it's coming from a gasket near vtec selonoid.. ssmall circular one. But I'm not sure let me know what you think. Second problem is my door lock. It will lock from inside and outside when it's shut, but wont lock when it's open but it used to. It tries to lock but just stops, the passenger side works fine.. Also I can't just push the lock knob manuall with hand, because it just springs back, WTF!? and the third issue is the horn, it wont work.. I checked the fuse thats not it, what could be the problem? THanks!


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The door lock issue is commonly brought up. Fortunately, it's not an issue because it's supposed to work that way. It's a way to keep you from locking your keys in the car, just by making you do an extra little trick to lock it.


What you do is:

Hold the inside handle of the driver's side door

Hit the lock or unlock switch

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That lock issue gets people every time. You can lock the door by holding the inside OR the outside latch open and pressing down on the lock. Or just stick your key in the lock and turn it as well.


I would say you guessed it on the oil leak. Try cleaning it off entirely, letting it dry a bit and give the car a short run and check it to see if you can positively identify the leak spot. The solenoid gasket would be a quick $2 fix.


Horn could be a few things. You need to check and see if you even have a horn since there was already a bunch of stuff being changed under the hood. From there trace the wiring back and make sure their isn't a break. The switch in the steering wheel could be broken too, but I would check for the presence of the horn and broken wiring under the hood first.

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