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Looking to buy a another honda

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So I was working today and figured out it would be better if I got a second car since I going to be doing work to the sol all the time and need something to get to work. Work for me is only 2 mins away maybe 2 miles at most.


Well I was looking around and I was looking at the accords cause I need something to be a DD, nothing fancy, fast, or really anything. but I like the accords and some older civics. I not looking to spend much. What do you guys recommend when it comes to somewhat older hondas.


I looked at a integra and the guy tried to sell it to me for 6 grand and last I heard is the motor blew a head gasket so I said that is a no go.

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geo metro or ford escort

No on the metro and I have owned a ford focus and I will never own another ford after that.


2 minutes away? how about a bicycle


I rocked the bicycle for about 4 maybe 5 years.

Moved on to a car and I need something to get me around town and maybe down to jax which is about 30 miles and with a bicycle that would take forever.

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I would look at a 90-93 teg, 88-91 crx, 92-95 civc coupe/hatch... just my opinion..

I have been looking at these and was looking at oler accords as well. I would prefer if it was stick. but I might get stuck with a auto if I find a good deal on one.


Nothing wrong with the bicycle. I commute to work on my bicycle when I don't have to pick up or drop off the kids. A 8.6 mile ride is a great way to start the day.


I wouled get about a mile or two in be like I give up.

After the many miles of walking, riding a bicycle, and skateboarding around town cause I had no car for like 4 years and wanted to leave the house. After all that time I am still skinny and I eat like twice my weight. It is amazing.

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I was going to say bicycle too lol I would ride a bicycle to work if it wasn't 25 miles away...


the crx gives amazing mpg...my friend's crx almost gives 50 mpg...and there are crx's that give more...you know, depending on driving and all


Ben, your hatch was awesome!!

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The problem with that is that, there are very few crx's for sell here and I would have this crazy temptation to drop my engine in the rex cause of the super light chassis or at least compared to the del sol. I might have to buy a b18 and drop it in the rex when I am done. err.

Maybe I should not buy a honda cause of the tempation to motor swap the car when I get it.


That is why I want a older accord cause I like the look of them plus they are cheaper but nobody has one for sale around here.

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I see...


Accords are sweet dd's...where did you look for an Accord? craigslist?


I really like a 99 accord I drove. It was a awesome blue color and I felt like I belong in this.

But I can't afford it I wanna have money for this trip and yeah craigslist. Dealerships don't really care the cars I want.


Older Toyota pickup truck..


Cannot fail with teh 22r.

I used to own a older toyota trunk. It was hard to kill except when the tranny started going.

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The problem with that is that, there are very few crx's for sell here...but nobody has one for sale around here.

Face it, you need to look in either Atlanta, Savannah, or Jacksonville for a car. You will find something in one of those three markets.


Stop looking in St. Mary's, GA. There may be some people on this thread that don't realize how tiny that city is, but I am in Jacksonville and know where you're coming from. FYI, when looking in Jax, there are some sweeet deals in Ponte Vedra and St. John's County.


Someone should be able to drive you down from St. Mary's, GA. If you find something in Jax and are willing to put down the $45.00 needed to fill my gas back up, I'll see if I can find my way up there.

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Well I wanna get the dol project going but I want to start and build the engine first which should be done by the time I leave for the trip, So when I get back I will have a h22 in my del sol.YAY. Finally. So I gotta find a DD while I am taking out the motor out of the sol and dropping the new one in. I just gotta layout and plan what parts I want and such. I most likely going to turbo the car cause I always wanted a turbo'd car.


I wonder what should I do with the old motor?


Btw james, I search J-vile cause that is the biggest and closest market to me. Even on craigslist, the listings for saint marys is in jacksonvile.

Savannah and altanta is way too far. So that is where I search anyways.

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